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Kudos and Testimonials

Only one web designer consistently (re)designs websites to have persuasive messaging, professional presentation and pervasive positioning. That web designer is Bruce Arnold. Here's what a few of our many satisfied web clients have to say:

"Being found on the web is no simple task, his approach has allowed us to find business in places we didn't know exists. I would highly recommend Bruce to anyone who is serious about business and wants results."
John Napurano, CEO
Separ of the Americas, LLC
"Bruce Arnold designed my first website several years ago. Within weeks, I had top search engine rankings. When I wanted a new look, I went back to Bruce. I recommend him to all my clients."
Ronald Roman
Attorney At Law
"I had no idea what I wanted as far as design. We had some discussions, I supplied Bruce with content, and he went to work. The results were beyond anything I could imagine. My website looks and works great!"
Shlomo Shemesh, Owner
"I have worked with Bruce through a number of projects and companies. His knowledge and professionalism have helped to make our web presence outstanding. Bruce has been able ... to make us known to people throughout the world."
John Napurano, CEO
Reverso Pumps, Inc.
"It looks great! The home page 'says a lot, without saying a lot'! Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Traci Mehl
Accurate Transcription Services
"I commend you for the excellent job that you did creating an effective web site. I receive lots of valuable inquiries daily!"
K. Brown
Building Permit Services
"I love the look of the web site. Thanks again. We are definitely looking better than I ever would have expected!"
A. Zipper
American Military Funding, Inc.
"I attended a meeting of 300 top notch speakers in Tucson and one of the speakers asked the audience to give him websites to critique. Many famous speakers gave their site ... and they tore them apart. When it was my turn, the guy looked at my site and said it was great ... it turned out to be the best site of all!"
Joachim de Posada
Award-Winning Speaker & Author
"I think the web site is quite beautiful. It is very well organized and it has a consistent layout."
C. Betancourt
Re: Keys Title Company
"I just wanted you to know that I am getting calls and emails from all over. This [website] is working like a million bucks!"
M. Freeman
Florida Motels Realtor
"Bruce Arnold is a unique combination of technician, marketer, and ergonomist. He is an absolute pleasure to work with, and his work has delivered results. Thank you, Bruce, for your ongoing support!"
W. Allen
Liebman & Associates, Inc.
"Finding a great website designer is a confusing and arduous task... We spoke to dozens of designers, none of them close to the quality and professionalism that Bruce Arnold exhibits."
Robert Sirota, MTFKR/CEO
"We had 163 clicks, sent 63 applications and funded 18 loans. It has just been great so far!"
J. Zipper
Military Funding USA
"Bruce, I appreciate all your efforts with both my websites. I can always count on your professionalism and outstanding customer service. It is nice doing business with someone who truly looks out for his customers!"
Barry Connell
Boeing BBJ Contract Pilot
"Wow! 5 days in a row, we have received inquiries due to our web page. Not only that, but I see that if you "Góógle" soiled linen bags, we are in the top 5! So, we are thrilled and I wanted to tell you that."
Ross Sanders
Streamline Solutions

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From our website design boutique in Miami Beach FL, our Semantic Web designers and Web 3.0 front-end developers provide South Florida businesses and online merchants with W3C and WAI/WCAG (Section 508) standards compliance validated XHTML/CSS and HTML5/CSS3 ecommerce, mcommerce and W3C mobileOK web page source and stylesheets that leverage PHP/MySQL, unobtrusive Javascript, jQuery and Ajax development with flash free embedded audio and video media alternatives, RSS feeds, e-commerce shopping carts and online payment processing. From the early days of Perl-scripted CGI through Web 2.0 social networking to today's cross-platform m-commerce mobile apps, our W3C compliant desktop, notebook, tablet (Android/iPad) and mobile micro/mini browser websites-- along with SEO and social media (SMM) --have delivered RE$ULT$, the ultimate validation of our work. Góógle Author: Bruce Arnold.

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