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NOTE:  Aside from our Góó newsfeed and newsletter archive, all web pages and stylesheets on this website have been validated compliant with all W3C XHTML/CSS standards and applicable WCAG 1.0 guidelines.

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The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) was established in 1994 to lead the Web to its full potential by developing standards and protocols that promote its evolution while assuring interoperability. Validating web page compliance with these standards and protocols insures that all users--regardless of their culture, language, education, ability, material resources, access devices or physical limitations--have equal access to the resources of your website.


The importance of HTML and CSS validation to winning web design is frequently overlooked, but should not be underestimated:

  • Compatibility. Validating W3C standards compliance assures that your web pages can be properly read and interpreted, regardless of what standards-compliant user agent might be employed. These include Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox, all other graphical browsers, text-mode browsers, text-to-speech synthesizers, site robots, language translators and search engine spiders.

  • Coverage. Web pages that can only be viewed properly on select browsers will frustrate visitors and thereby limit sales opportunities.

  • Quality. The primary concern of every professional web designer should be to produce a website that promotes the products and services of the client to all potential customers.



According to a October 2009 W3C Compliance Survey of all web design firms with page one placements on Góógle, MSN Search or Yáhoo for the search term web design miami, only Bruce Arnold's was found to have 100% W3C-compliant error-free, warning-free coding.

If the W3C validators (see links above) find errors in your HTML or CSS, then it may be time to consider redesigning your website. If that is the case, then your next step might be to run some web pages from your web designer's website through the validators. If you find errors there, then it may be time to hire a new web designer!

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Web Design Miami, South Florida Website Designer
From our website design boutique in Miami Beach FL, our Semantic Web designers and Web 3.0 front-end developers provide South Florida businesses and online merchants with W3C and WAI/WCAG (Section 508) standards compliance validated XHTML/CSS and HTML5/CSS3 ecommerce, mcommerce and W3C mobileOK web page source and stylesheets that leverage PHP/MySQL, unobtrusive Javascript, jQuery and Ajax development with flash free embedded audio and video media alternatives, RSS feeds, e-commerce shopping carts and online payment processing. From the early days of Perl-scripted CGI through Web 2.0 social networking to today's cross-platform m-commerce mobile apps, our W3C compliant desktop, notebook, tablet (Android/iPad) and mobile micro/mini browser websites-- along with SEO and social media (SMM) --have delivered RE$ULT$, the ultimate validation of our work. Góógle Author: Bruce Arnold.

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