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When you have spotted a Pokémon but finding it difficult to pocket them then don’t hesitate to use the tricks to mesmerize them. These Pokémons are very fond of berries and candies and one easy way of capturing them is by hypnotizing them with these features, check this website. Since there are many types of […]

Pokémon go, the augmented reality game that lets you get fitter has been received with mixed emotions due to some dangerous consequences hurry up ! The GPS enabled game requires you to catch the critters in real physical locations using maps. Users glued to their screens and those who play while driving have got into […]

Pokemon di offerta più recente di Niantic Go è un successo sensazionale con ardente fan della serie originale animazione andando gaga sul gioco video di presentazione. I tifosi, sembra che non può ottenere abbastanza del gioco come una recente stima aveva stabilito che i giocatori negli Stati Uniti, Europa e Oceania sta spendendo una media […]

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