There are a lot of pokemon go hacks, which can help you during a game. However, there are a specific few important ones, which can be really helpful for a lazy Android or iOS player.

The Poke Ball Thrower can be a contraption of a cardboard box and sticky notes, which enables you to throw PokeBall with a greater perfection. This can be useful as the current bug in the system makes Pokemons run faster than earlier.

The Pokemon Egg Incubator is a way to make the system believe that you are actually out and walking. You can strap your phone to the ceiling fan, and switch it on. This will give more time for the eggs to hatch.

The Battery Pack Pokedex is basically having an external battery case for your phone, in which you are playing. You can make it yourself or buy from outside.

The GPS spoofing can be done by fooling the GPS about your location, yet collecting Pokemons, without moving out of the house. There are different ways to do this.

The Pokemon Bot is a tricky thing, which makes bots for you, who can walk the map and collect things on your behalf. However, the applicability and usability of this is yet to be validated.

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